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Backpacking with my girlfriend, back in the day

Most travel-blogs are written by young people, relating recent experiences. But it's several decades now since my backpacking days, and I would like to hear from other old codgers (male or female) who did the same kind of things at the same kind of time - Protected content and '70s, say. On my personal blog (Barlow's Cayman) I have posted more than a dozen reminiscences, and I would enjoy reading others' similar stories, whether on or off the beaten track. (How I met my wife is related in the post titled "Zorba the Greek", in January Protected content

InterNations is tolerant of links to personal websites, so this is an excellent forum to host the exchange of links to our stories. Is anybody interested enough to do this?

(Carelessly, I posted this in the Q & A section; I meant it to be in this Travel section all along.)

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