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Bamaka Guest House, Johanneburg, South Africa

Hi Guys, I've just posted pics of my guest house Bamaka Guest House, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Please feel free to check it out. If you ever decide or know of someone visiting Johannesburg South Africa, let me know and I can guarantee you/them a 4-Star single room with breakfast for US$75.00 per night! Why? because I can, you're my friends and I'm the owner and that should count for something!

For those that travel a lot, have you ever wondered how come hotels cost so much yet the quality of the beds, showers, food and other amenities is sooo poor? The answer is simple: These hotel groups are so greedy they go around the world monopolizing each and every 'tourist' spot they get and/or drive small accommodation businesses to close down so they can buy them at a cheap cost. This method though means that all their hotels world-wide have high targets to meet because they're all have to subsidize one another. And Yes, Of course, how can we forget PROFITS! these hotel groups are listed in the stock exchange in many countries and they need to show profits to their investors. Nothing wrong with profits at all but there's a lot wrong with lowering the quality of the amenities you provide and short-changing the client or guest so that you can feed your greedy need for profit! The end-result here is that these big name hotel groups have HUGE overheads which they want YOU the guest to carry. I say this is WRONG!

Why am I offering these cheap rates while providing my guests with good quality amenities? The honest answer is that I have low overheads! I Don't have other guest houses or other businesses somewhere else that need to be subsidized by this one guest house hence driving up the prices. Furthermore, Because I believe you as the guest deserve good quality luxurious accommodation without breaking the bank! And the fact that we're also seeing a lot of repeat guests means there's something we're doing right!

Times are hard for everyone and even companies have been forced to tighten their belts hence those companies that have employees traveling around the world are out there looking for guest houses like mine. We have started noticing our numbers for corporate clients going up because we can offer them a 50% discount on what they pay these big hotels to accommodate their employees yet they get better quality amenities with us. We also couldn't understand it at first but we had to believe it when the guests start telling us that it seriously leaves them feeling taken for granted when they all that money to these big name hotels but in return get crappy offerings and minimum value for their bucks!

Go-on, try us out or at least let me hear your thoughts on this topic.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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