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I have subscribed the memership of Internations half a year ago for a six month membership and I paid with my mastercard. Unfortunately I don't plan to extend the membership. Recently I just found Internations charged automatically another 6 month membership from this card of mine, without any authorization (I guess that's becuase they know my mastercard information and have previously made the payment successful once, so totally no problem for an automatic charge this time). I totally have no idea about this charge beforehand, neither did I got any notice from Internations about this charge.

So I contacted Internations. The charged was made by their Germany facility and the contact is so simple that I can hardly believed this is claimed to be a mature and well organized ORG. I only found a german number and email address as the contact. So I emailed to express my question and concern. One day after I got the email reply. Unlike the other online transaction or customer services I have ever delt with ie. the flight companies, the hotels, amazon etc. the tone of the email reply seems quite outstanding (or to be more specifit, arrogant.). It is just to inform me that their charge is valid because it was my fault that I didn't give them a notice to stop the membership beforehand. I doubt if auto renewal contract is legal in Germany. But I live in china. Such type of auto renewal contract is definately not illigible here, given the circumstances that the contract is in a opt-out form and the customer is not given notice beforehand. What a terrible joke!

Well,despite being very dissapointed about the email reply (because I expect at least some nice reply that I usually got from other companies if I complain through email), I wrote a second email to express my concern, my rationale for declining those T&C, and requested a refund. But unfortunately I got no more reply for the following days. Sneaky is the word that came to my mind instantly! I am not willing to think in this way because I know Internations is such a big group with so many members but I now fully doubt it after experiences all these.

Not sure how long the post can survive here. But I'd like to give everyone a reminder about this very sneaky behaviour by this so called global 'ORG'.

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