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Did you know the current latest corona virus "Omicron" was supposedly to be named "Xi" (most appropriate as it originated in Fu-WANG, China!) strictly following the Greek alphabet. China must paid millions to WHO to skip "Xi" to go to next alphabet "Omicron" as they cannot have leader's name on pandemic virus. Cowardice and poor show to just speaking to her photograph by IOC Chairman Bach who just wants the Broadcast Sponsorship money.
(('Where is she?' Chinese tennis player who accused politician of rape seems to have disappeared. Former world No.1 women's doubles tennis player Peng Shuai has not made any public statements since her accusation.))
Future Olympics will lose their goal of equal human rights and peace and prosperity of sports worldwide if China ignores such indecent and unfair racial issues in the Olympic spirit of inhumane action in Hong Kong, Uyghur & Tibet + Taiwan. WTA today 01 December banned all Tennis Tournaments in China as a result. I was fed up with IOC hosting the Protected content without any audience, Tokyo now has to pay for all the unused tickets and preparation money which will run into trillions of YEN! whilst Bach & co. have pocketed huge TV Broadcast fortune.
It is about time IOC and the rest of the world have a re-think about future Olympics. To me the Olympics have been downgraded to a very poor second rate sports event as a result.
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