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Being with an interovert abroad...

Guys, to be very honest, I am not sure where else this topic could go but I would like some opinions.

Absence makes the heart grow fond right?

Now I love my man, been together 11 years but he is extremely...distant. Introverted and an Aquarius, while I am extroverted and a Sag. In person we get along wonderfully, but being away from him working makes everything one big mess and I am left feeling like I have no one to talk to or connect with on that level. I don't want to pressure him for good mornings/good nights, I am exhausted of that.

He cannot be messaging me when hes busy (or not busy it seems) - even though I love to do just that. I enjoy staying connected whereas he likes to reconnect after a while.

I have recently decided - after another long discussion - that I will let him be and not pressure him for ''constant communication''....It's been a few weeks now where I am trying my best not to be too affectionate or come off too strong (lol?) and I am feeling extremely lonely.

Anyone else on eggshells with a partner abroad? What do you do to distract yourself? (Aside from sleeping when you can, diving into work, trying to make new friends)

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