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Bernie Sanders..candidate with hardly any BS:)


Im pleasantly surprised to see how a more sincere candidate is gaining grounds in the spectacle of US election
Bernie Sanders has much less hype reputation than Hillary orTrump but yet wherever he goes he impresses
and thats why he is quietly gaining ground and gaining lead in even some of hillary's old turfs
can it be said that its because birds of a feather flock together?
because some of his strengths actually came from young savvy silicon valley techpreneurs or tech wiz who did lots of virtual campaigning and fundraising very sincerely as well without any personal gains
and dont worry about his views for he just got everything right lol so much so you wonder if this guy is too good to be true!!
i mean check out compilation of his political views in wikipedia lol and u will wonder are those trump and hillary and bush supporters stupid or what lol hahahha
but of course the question remains if he can overcome strenghs of political legacies and billions of trumps money
speaking of which i i think its total bullshit to think that trump will be free of bad policy-making due to the fact that he is already rich and be free of influence of lucrative deals or money offers from big corporations lol
coz really if humans are ever designed to be content in anyway EVER then this world wouldnt be at this messy state and we will all be yogis living in isolated mountains
practically no one ever stopped wanting more!!
so i guess dont be naive on trump lol

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