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Black ROI - What it is and why we must increase it

The public library serving an inner-city community is closed. A recreation center pool, in the same neighborhood, has been ‘Closed for Repairs’ for 10 months. Condemned and deteriorating abandoned houses are like open graves. Pictures of neighborhoods you might think were from a war torn, third world country, are actually in the heart of this great nation.

What is the real issue behind budgets cuts effecting minority communities, or the dearth of effective leadership and legislation?

It is the perceived and real lack of ROI – Return On Investment.

“If there were enough of YOUR people who showed support for the library, or school system, or markets with fresh fruits and vegetables; if there were enough of your Black people, Hispanic and so on, then it would make monetary sense, make it worthwhile. We can’t be spending all this money on just 10, 20, or 50 kids/adults who want to go to the library, want an education. 1, 2, 5 million dollars is a lot of money that could be used elsewhere. What is the return on investment?”

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