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Blood on your stonewashed Jeans? Cause Silicosis?

Watch this about deadly side effect of sandblasted Jeans...
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When you buy next time be aware of what your buying..
- painted effect or sandblasted jeans...

Who to blame for silicosis & death of sandblasting workers in Turkey?

- The big brand name Jeans who failed to make sandblasting safe?
- Stores in Europe that only now start to ban sandblasted Jeans??
- Turkey for letting it happen?
- The media for not informing the consumer about deadly effects of work conditions that their Jeans caused?
- Us the consumer for just buying and hence supporting?

I did not know about this until I came across these news.. and definitively wont buy any sandblasted jeans! We, the consumer are the last chance to make an impact if all the other authorities and responsables fail to do so!

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