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Body love or subliminal conscious bonding.

A.Is making physical love a need based human weakness induced by infliction of carnal desire, genetic foot print based in the cocoon of our mind which is powered by hierarchical gender centric tradition ?
b. Is making physical love a sport to keep up the score with the Jones.s to the extent that we are not averse to taking medical or mechanical help or inducement?

c. Is making physical love a fierce and failed process of declaring our possession of another person through a body technique instead of mental or spiritual connection.

d. Is physical love making subject to laws of diminishing returns that make us over come with proverbial headache due to the ritual of routine of being coupled with same person and same sequence of events.

e. Can time sensitive physical love making hold candle to unlimited ,unending and unfathomable mental sojourn in to another person's totality of existence?

f. Will the art of abstaining ever replace the mundane science of doing it as a pathway of total exuberance of freedom in our life time?

G. What you prefer to be ,a Brahmachari ( Celibate ) Monk or a predatory sexual hawk?

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