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Botox, Plastic Surgery to achieve physical beauty


For few years now, documentaries on this topic show women willing to travel overseas exclusively for 'Nip and Tuck' purposes to achieve the ultimate 'Barbie look' as these appear to be cost effective in places like Latin America.

Statistics illustrate a high per cent of cases end up horribly wrong due poor service. This means ie; creating psychological trauma, a life dependant on antibiotics or even having to fork additional costs to undertake 'reconstruction' on initial surgery. Same is highlighted with Botox, as this is not a one off treatment for life as maintenance is required. It has been observed that these injections can also cause disfigurement not easy to conceal.

Studies also show women in Europe, Africa and Asia are less inclined to favour these, feeling comfortable in their own skin, opting for natural beauty in line with genes, rather than to imitate celebs, the neighbour etc.

Age with Grace vs Surgical Interference.

Public figures samples ie: Jocelyn Wildenstein, Amanda Lepore etc..

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