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BP and Bhopal

Everyday in the news we are remembered of the oil spill catastrophe. Americans are furious at BP and at big corp in general, Obama wants to kick someone's ass...

Few may have noticed that some days ago was the anniversary of the Bhopal gas leaking which killed and ruined the life of many thousands people (not only cormorants and fishes, I mean real PEOPLE).
The families of the dead, as well those of the people who have been disabled forever got few hundred dollars and a good luck.
Warren Anderson, the former boss of the company (now Dow Chemicals) which caused the catastrophe, lives in Manhattan, undisturbed.

Do the media play such a crucial role by rising people's attention? Or do we have such a short memory? Or are some people worried that they may have to say bye to their Hummers?
I have the feeling we have lost the sense of proportions...

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