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We are looking for sales consultants/sales trainers in many countries to market our new innovative CRM solution.

If you understand that what you sell and who you sell it to determines your unique sales processes and the world changes fast then you know you need a CRM solution that can change with you. We developed Diamonds CRM because none of the others had the flexibility or agility to adapt to the fast changing market conditions in todays world.

Just about all the other CRM solutions need IT people, and their IT project costs, to tailor the CRM solution to the needs. Diamonds CRM got rid of that and made Diamonds CRM so ease to configure with so much flexibility and agility that anyone can do it.

See more on Protected content for product info etc.

The rewards are good, very good and paid for the entire length of the contract. Sample: Sell the hosted subscription to a company with 25 sales people for a two year contract will give you an income of £375 per month for the two years. Any sales person should be capable of selling 25 seats of Diamonds CRM a month so by the end of two years you should be making £9,000 a month. These are safe figures, aim for 50 seats a month or go for deals that deliver Protected content at a time. The biggest deals will be over 1,000 seats. Alternative hire a couple of telemarketers to book you meetings with companies that in the market for a new CRM solution and sell Protected content a month. This is a huge market and Diamonds CRM has serious unique selling points that you can't argue with.

For more information please contact Protected content

Note: Company Alliances manage both direct and indirect sales globally and where part of the design team.

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