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Breaking the law with Satellite phones?

Satellite phones are used by terrorists in India, if you are a Foreigner visiting or working in India, kindly do not carry satellite phones in India, as this amounts to sabotage and subversion and terrorism against the State

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All Foreigners travelling to India are hereby informed that it is illegal to use/carry Thuraya or other such satellite phones in India. Custom authorities in India may seize such phones and legal action may be taken against the passenger concerned.

Prohibition on use of "satellite telephone service" in India

Travelers may kindly note that use of any satellite phone is not permitted in India, unless prior approval of Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, is obtained. The use/operation of any telegraphic services/devices, including wireless, in India is regulated by the Indian Telegraph Act, Protected content . As per the existing guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, Inmarsat Satphones, excluding BGAN system, can be used by the Government, Corporate Houses, Members of the Mountaineering Expedititon and other such categories with prior permission from DoT. Thuraya Satphone service is not permitted in India. Anyone using any telegraphic devices including Satphone without authorization violates Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act. Protected content he/she can be penalized under Section 20 and 21 of the said Act. Tata Communications Limited, India, may be approached in case of necessity to use satellite telephone services in India.
In case satellite phones are brought into India through baggage/hand baggage without licence from DoT, the equipments would be detained/confiscated by the Customs authorities as per the existing procedures till the time the owner/holder of the satellite phone is able to produce a licence issued by DoT. In case of import with cargo, a detailed declaration is to be given by the person importing the goods.

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How do expats perceive Satellite phones?

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