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Brexit: and a second referendum.

It's been said that the Brits whatever second thoughts they may feel, are not entitled to ask for a second referendum just because they didn't like the results of the one on Thursday 23. However this has not stopped frustrated Brits from petitioning parliament anyway. And nearly 4 million have signed in just 4 days collecting mores signatures than any previous petition.

My guess is that this petition will be debated and rejected because you cannot just keep holding referenda until you like the result. Perhaps there are exceptions as First Minister Sturgeon proposes.

I think the "Bremain" camp should think very carefully about its options before wasting public and parliamentary sympathy with poorly thought out initiatives.

Now the leaders of the Brexit campaign have come clean and confessed that they lied to the British people, now that protest voters have realized that they have shot themselves in the foot, now that Brexiters appreciate that there might be a break up of the UK, there is a good chance that a referendum, if allowed, would result in a majority to Remain.

So the questions are, how can the will of the British people be respected without creating precedents for repeated referenda (neverenda) in the future?

And secondly, how can we ensure that British citizens living abroad, whose current or future livelihood is critically dependent on the result of any referendum, get a chance to vote?

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