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Build a House in 15 Minutes,a Village within a day

Dear Friends,
We have just again seen in the Philippines and other countries what is the effect of natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, fires and drought. Sometimes we all wonder how we can actually in a small way help these victims.

A very good entrepreneur and friend of me in Turkey, Sabri Dogar has developed and tested the most amazing 3 types of buildings - DRB(Disaster Response Building), FRB(Fast Response Building) and RLB(Relocatable Building). The innovative, unique and novel part is best described in their slogan - "A House in 15 Minutes, A Village Within A Day"

He also stated:
"At D&D, we strive to develop and provide simple, rapidly deployable, flexible building structures and supporting infrastructure, to those social and commercial markets searching for new, cost effective, and high impact alternatives.
Our hope is, by applying all our talents and efforts to developing products and services in line with the challenges and aspirations of those who need and use our offerings,we can improve their every day lives."

I am of the view and opinion, that we/you can help my friend Sabri to take this whole new and unique concept to the next level - global to those in need via NGO's, Aid or Donor or even Commercial organizations and companies.This is an answer to most of the housing problems in Emerging Countries or countries with severe disasters or climatic conditions. The best solution is however to have like "emergency stock housing" available in most big cities or countries or areas. When there is a disaster like the current one in the Philippines/other parts of the world, authorities or organizations can very quickly help these affected communities or people. Sabri is also willing to form joint-venture or partnership with local organisations, companies and or communities to establish a manufacturing or assembly plant to create job-opportunities for the local people.

His company's website - Protected content will give you a very good idea about Sabri and his company. You can also visit the picture and video gallery of his web site to see the operation in action. Here is also a video on You Tube - Protected content

My question to you is do you think that this project is interesting enough for you, or your company, organisation or network to get in touch with Sabri Dogar and help him to help the people that need these kind of facilities that they can provide? You can even use your contacts in the radio, television and print media to give him some exposure. I am currently working on a project to bring his houses and buildings to South Africa where there is a huge need for even very basic houses, clinics and schools - not to mention basic infrastructure like water and toilets.

Looking forward to hear your views,opinions and suggestions on this very unique type of buildings, construction and infrastructure. Feel free to get in touch with me if you do need more information or an introduction to Sabri Dogar.

Best regards,

Servaas de Kock
Cape Town

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