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building power station on moon

After the nuclear leaking in japan people are start talking about nuclear power and what it does to us. And

different solutions came out. But there is one which does catch people's eyes. How about build a power station on

At first it apears to me to be some crazy non-sense talk But recently an article reminds me this is actuelly

possible because we already have all the techonolegies that we need for this project~~~ this project could be

one of the most wonderful projects human being have ever achieved.

According to the article(which i forget where i read it) it will cost us 500billion dollars to build a bass on moon. Seems a lot huh? What we spent on building all the nuclear power stations all over the world is 25 trillion dollars~~ Also we can enjoy the endless resourses on moon and not to worry about polution to earth.

The energy is transfered by microwave(i haven't confirm this yet, don't know if it's possible).ETC.Of course there are a lot more details to to discussed ....But if it's possible. what are we waiting for then...

I would love to hear your opinions.

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