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Bush and Iran..

Heard the latest joke? A man gets told that in fact the jelly sandwich he is eating is made of old rubber tyres and cigarettes. Still the man keeps eating and says “The jelly sandwich was delicious, is delicious and will be delicious if I say so!”

Seems unlikely to you? Well think again, something similar just happened:
So Bush (our beloved POTUS) gets a National Intelligence Estimate basically telling him that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon, and what does he do? He doesn’t let facts get into the way of his ideology, he still says “Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,".

Still the US does not rule out a military attack on Iran, still they will not alter their tough line on Iran.

In my opinion, this smells just like what happened with Iraq five years ago!

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