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Business Opportunity for Internet Marketers

Hi All,
I bought an iPAS2 franchise last month and it is a rather amazing system and opportunity.

A buddy of mine invited me to join as his franchisee.

It is an MLM style business where you promote the use of the "Internet Prospect Acceleration System 2". By using the system you get your own prospects online to sell to those prospects whatever products or services you have available to sell.

iPAS2 also has products to sell from Empower Network. The bottom level of the product is that you are selling access to the system and the social network around it for USD47 per month. That is pretty much free and very good value for what you get access to.

iPAS2 is perfect for people who are already affiliate marketers as it becomes one more thing you promote but it ALSO helps you get more prospects.

The sorts of people that I think are the best fit for this opportunity are:
1. You know a lot of people online or socially.
2. These people know you and trust you.
3. You want to make some money from a home based online business.
4. You are a bit of a risk taker and you want the higher upside of putting in risk and effort into a franchise style business. There is a LARGE upside for those who put in the effort.

My understanding is that there are more than 15,000 franchisees now. Some of them are making very good money. The most successful make more than USD50,000 a month but that is obviously a very small percentage and it took them a long time to get there.

iPAS2 is also very popular with stay at home mothers because it gives them the chance to be with their children while making some extra money to pay the bills in the quiet times of a busy mothers day.

So if you fit this sort of profile? Drop me a line here and I will send you a link to go over it in more detail.

You can also now google iPAS2 and see what people are saying about it. Those who are successful in their franchise have lots of good things to say about it just like I do.

Obviously if I bought it and own it and promote it to my friends I think it is pretty good. I have been in IT 32 years so I really should know, right? LOL!

I noticed other people are posting "business opportunity available" on this forum so this seems to be a reasonable thing to post here.

iPAS2 is an "internet franchise business". It is the first of its kind. It has made creating an online business a "franchise business" just like McDonalds is a franchise. You follow the guidelines of the franchise and you will make money. How much depends on you and your personal situation.

I think it is actually an amazingly good fit for ambassadors here. I can tell you I am very thankful to my friend for telling me about it. I sold USD12,000 worth of business in my first week. It will take a while for my franchisees to buy up to the top level for me to get the USD12,000 but it will happen. For people who would like to make extra money online? It is a very good idea.

Best Regards


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