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Buying a Husband!

I hear a lot of "SHOCKING" news everyday, but this one piece of news was shocking in a different way. The news as I heard it in "Al Arabiya" is about a Saudi businesswoman who is 83 years old, and who apparantly is seeking her other half in a local Saudi newspaper, by placing an ad and offering the CHOSEN 5 million riyal (equivalent to 1 million dollars) to marry her.

My first reaction to this was disbelief and amazement. To me, money can never buy love. But what I found later is that people reacted to the news in very different ways than what I did.. Some focussed on her age only, others on her being a woman and proposing publicly, others on her being a Saudi, etc ..
To my surprise, some male friends asked me how they can APPLY, one went to the extent of telling me he'll give me a commission if I brought him the address and things worked out between him and her !?! He even told me he will go out in a date with me after she dies :-D!

What do you think? are you with or against such cases, and WHY?

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