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Call for Expat Brits to help with Psych Experiment

I am a British expat doing some psychology research over here at the University of Lodz, Poland where I am a Visiting Professor. You can probably understand the pressure I'm under as I have been made responsible for getting British participants – I need fellow British expats anywhere in the world to help out. We need about 50 participants and this is not easy as there are not too many expat Brits in Poland. It would be a massive help and favour if you could help me. I'm afraid that we would not be able to pay you to do it as it is very difficult to get funding to do research in Poland. So I was racking my brains and thinking of ways of thanking you for your help ... I can let you know how to watch live UK TV (eg, BBC and ITV) and listen to live sports events on UK radio (eg football, cricket on FiveLive) for free. It is very simple to do all this on your computer. But I guess you might know about this :)

The experiment is quite easy and takes about an hour more or less and you can do it on any computer/laptop. It's an online task in which you need to put emotions into groups. Please send me an email and I will send you a link to the experiment and further details:

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Please note that you need to be a native speaker of British English (i.e., not American, Australian English etc.) to take part in this experiment.

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