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Can the pope cure Parkinson's disease?

The catholic church wishes to make JP2 a saint. The rules say that he must have performed two miracles before he can be made a saint. One of the miracles they claim, is that a woman who had Parkinson's disease was cured after she prayed for the pope to cure her.
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This seems a great example of where a religious group is allowed to make claims that, if made by anyone else, would be laughed at or at least seriously questioned. In Protected content , how can they still get away with claiming that a mortal man can cure such a condition with his thoughts alone?

If you take this seriously then you have to ask hard questions:

How exactly did he cure her?
Why did he cure her and not someone else?
What about all the people who pray for cure and then die?
Why just cure her and not more people?
Why did God let her get sick at all, especially if he was going to cure her later?
Why does god "create" any horrible diseases?

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