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Can we please stop exporting paedophiles?


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This isn't the first case and unfortunately we're not close to it being the last. There is research around the UK's number of paedophile exports. Yet, other nations are just as guilty.

The physical and emotional damage done by Richard Huckle is immense. It's so bad that I'm sure many of us feel more comfortable not thinking or talking about his psyche or actions in guiding paedophiles from developed nations on how to abuse infants and toddlers in impoverished nations/ communities.
6 months old babies being raped by a grown man...

Please, how can we stop this from ever happening again?
When we are so silent on something like this and vocal on scammers on the site, where are our priorities?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Burke
Even if it is only to talk and raise awareness, I beg us not to be part of the cosy blanket of apathetic silence. Post, tweet, blog, write to anyone and everyone. That's how laws are changed. Children have the right to our safety and protection - to a life of freedom without debilitating fear.
That is my humble plea.

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