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Can you have too much of a good thing?

Everyone agrees that some immigration into a country is a good thing. However it feels like Britain is getting too many immigrants. Perhaps the reasons that parties like UKIP are doing so well in Europe is that people are using the evidence of their own eyes and seeing there is too much immigration?

I also think the complete inability of anyone to explain why mass immigration is good for Britain is part of the problem….

Anyway, I started this thread as I know UKIP triggers strong emotions (for and against) and I thought it would be interesting to have a debate on it.

I’ll get the ball rolling: I think UKIP are an amazing party as they want us out of the EU, if we get out of the EU we won’t have to give a net £12 billion a year to be part of their little club. It also means we will be able to control our borders again regarding EU immigration.

UKIP also want to start a points based immigration system like Australia. That has to be a thousand times better than having an immigration policy based on who can hide beneath a lorry at Calais.

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