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Can you help with my research?

(Just posted this on the Dallas forum, too, but maybe you're located somewhere else and can help me out, too? :-))

Hi fellow expats, impats, repats, lovepats and friends!

I have received yet another friendly reminder from Malte saying I haven't been on here for a while - and the man has a point! Need to get a little more active, hope the schedule will allow it soon.

Just wanted to ask you guys if you have 3 minutes in your schedules, and if you know your MBTI personality type, can you help me with my research? I'm working on the hypothesis that our personality preferences influence how we prepare for assignments and how (effectively) we adapt once we're in them. More info on Protected content .

It's honestly 5 questions only, and if you give me your email it'll be kept private and I'll only contact you with follow up questions to get a better understanding of your particular background. There'll be no spamming of any kind.

Thank you I would really appreciate the help, again that's at Protected content

Have a great day!


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