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Can You Imagine A Girl Using Sand as Sanitary Pad


I had highlighted this a while back about how many a girl child in part of Africa struggle and find it difficult during that time of the month. I am not a woman but I believe menstruation should not be a source of shame but it should be seen as a biological process.

In Kenya, recent findings have that over 1 million girls miss school every month because they are ashamed of going to school when the Monthly period sets in. Imagine the consequence this has on such lives.

In other areas, girls are using dried cow skins, chicken feathers, sand and leaves as an alternative to sanitary pads. What a shame.

This is not a government problem in my assessment. Government can only do so much. As Dr Martin Luther King jr would cry, it is the appalling silence of the good people that is to be blamed

As you read this, if you have a daughter, think about how she would cope if she were in those parts of using feather, skins etc. Think of her not having an alternative. Think of the impact this has in forming the future of such a girl.

Well, I rest my case. Mine is to highlight and act in small ways I can.

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