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Canadian government updated news !


For the first time in over Protected content , the Canadian elected government is about to be toppled by the coalition of the opposition parties. The 3 parties: The Liberals, The Democrats and the Bloc Quebecois have formed this unholy alliance with the single goal to bring down the conservative government of Steven Harper . He was elected in a minority government in October.

If this coup is allowed to go through, the new Prime Minister will be no other than Stephane Dion, who was so unpopular that his own Liberal party wanted him replaced as leader right after the election.

The Democrats are completely left wing and would finish off what's left of our economy

and Bloc Quebecois is a party whose sole interest is to break up the country and get Quebec to separate from Canada.

I say what the hell?? We elected a government and we want it. Who are these leaders to "pull a dirty" and try to give us a government we do not want and did elect!!!

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Oh and the reason you might ask, for all this?

"The three opposition parties are also angry that Harper last week tried to eliminate public financing for political parties, a move that would hit them particularly hard."

Has anything like this happened in your country and how did it turn out?

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