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Cannot wait to leave germany... where to go?


Cannot wait to leave germany
Where to go i dont know
I am just happy about no plans

The cosmos will show me the path
also my business plan...

The next destination,
The next friend
The next venture
The next adventure....

Wishing for a place where to land
Somewhere around
I will take a round.

Considering about relocating?
Actually, to allocate...

First inviting for an opportunity
and then for a place i might like

Do all places have the same HALO...
or will be that ONE, you have been dreaming about?

Is there any business-dream land still?
Or all the land have been covered by the same sun?

Do you like the place you are staying at, for the following 5 years?
Or do you wish to travel and relocate somewhere elses?

Is this poem about inviting you to travel?
Or inviting you to inspire my wish for new destinations,
for new adventures
and new horizonts?

Tell a story about your land ...
Let my travel heart dream...
Let me taste your culture
and know the senses of nature in your land...

Is the business doing well?
Or it is about doing nothing and enjoying life?

Ah! but that is the business that is:
lets do and enjoy!
Lets have fun doing what we love!

I cannot wait to leave germany
There are many new friends i am up to meet and know!
Adventure awaits...

I cannot wait to leave germany...
where should i go?
do you know?

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