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Capable Enlish man moving to Bangkok in need of work please help!!!

im an english guy moving to bangkok for a break from the uk for the foreseeable future!
back home i work as a youth worker / urban music production tutor for underprivileged youths in brighton and london, i have much experience in the youth work sector as well as being a talented music producer/artist with a showreel of many solo and collaboration albums in many styles working with artist from many places around the world!

other experience i have is, very good communication skills and customer service skills ,bar work , cafe work ,kitchen work (kp/souse chef) graphic design/photography.

i am relocating and am in desperate need of a direction as far as work goes and would appreciate any advice, contacts ,information ,employement that could be offered as i feel a little lost in how im going to pay my rent and bills!

back in england i find it extremely easy to find work as i can pick up most skills very quickly and i am a hard and dependable worker and always put in 100% when working!

so i will hopefully hear back from somebody who could give me some ideas as to where to start looking!

will whiting

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