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Car boot sales or swapparties in Rome,Lazio,Umbria

Hello I know maybe nobody knows me (Pilar) or my husband Colin yet, after all we only attended one xmas party a few years back when we were living near Albano Laziale, since then we moved to Umbria in Narni, still visit Rome to meet up with friends but not as often as we'd like... we would love to be able to have car boot sales or swap parties in Rome, Lazio or Umbria as we have, like many people, many things we don't use or get gifted that we don't need and would like to sell or swap in order to not make any waste where there is no need and make other people happy as well as ourselves. We also have a 2 and a half y.o. boy and another child on the way for june so have plenty things to give and get.
Anyone interested in doing so? We also use website if you live further one can swap online and send via post.

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