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change agents of the heart centered economy?

I met Blanca Vergara about one and half year ago, while she was doing a workshop for an international ladies network in Groningen in the Northern Netherlands. I was amazed by the energy and the life story of this lady. Being very successful in the international corporate world, she had it all: success, power, big car, big house. A full life on the outside, but so empty on the inside. One morning she decided she had so enough of it. She left the corporate world and became an independent business owner. In her new life purpose she supports other business owners to live their life work while earning good money. She calls it “healing the fear of the business owners of the heart centered economy”. Business owners in her world are "change agents of the new economy". Another expression of her: “transforming fear into fuel”.

What I really like about her (and what makes her so different) is that she knows how to combine two worlds: the “soft” world of spiritual growth, personal development, living your life purpose, doing good by helping others and the “real hard” world of doing business, earning money and making a decent living. According to her it is all possible; live your life work, change the world and earn good money. If you want to know how, take an hour and listen to this free webinar:

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I am really impressed by Blanca and actively working with her now.

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