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Changing the Playing Field - Career Transistions

Hi Everyone,

I am interested in changing careers and would like some input from my fellow Internations members.

I have an architectural background (both residential and commercial) and I would like to transition to industrial design..

I worked in architecture for several years until the recession hit. From there, I have been exploring different fields (healthcare and property management). Even though there are aspects of these fields that I enjoy, I still missed having a creative element in the workplace.

After some reflection and research, I realized that industrial design was a better fit than architecture for my creative needs. So now I'm looking at ways to get some experience in industrial design.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get into this field without having a background in that area?

Have any of you done any major career changes? If so how did you go about doing it? Did you go back to school? Were you lucky enough to have a friends in the field who could lend a hand in getting your resume in the door? Or was there a job, that you never thought you would do, and you ended up loving it?

I would love to hear the stories and gain any insight into switching careers.

Thanks for reading and responding.



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