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Chat Channel for New Expat Learnings/Lessons Q&A


What if we can consolidate all the asynchronous first-time-in-x-country lessons learned Q&A discussions into a single chatroom?

The idea is that we can have a Protected content chat where your first-time-to-x-country lessons learned questions can be answered in real time instead of waiting for days or the Q&A buried deeply in a forum. Wouldn't that be nice?

To test this out simply, here is a simple chat channel link for new expat learnings where anyone can join with their Twitter account: Protected content

If there is enough interest, we can even create a slack channel with sub-channels for each location for this purpose. There is a basic slack channel set up, ready to go if interest is there ( Protected content ). If you are interested in the slack and would like invitations, please kindly sign up to this google doc: Protected content

FYI - slack is a new and neat way to organize synchronous Q&A and discussions online. Pretty neat tool.

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