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Cheap way to make international calls from UK

... well, one of the cheap ways.

In Brief:
site: Protected content (Compares cheap calls) - Call Rate Scanner
method: using normal landline phone
payment model: no subscription no registration, calls are charged to the landline.
how it works: you call a number (which cost Protected content depending on location), when connected you dial your destination number. More info on the website.

I live in Manchester, UK and make many phone calls all over the world. In many cases, computer/app based solutions are not applicable for me. So I use pay-as-you-call access numbers, offered by many providers. In order to save me time I created a website that compares those providers Protected content be precise) and lets me pick cheapest and most reliable provider.

I hope you find this website useful. Any requests/suggestions to improve it, send me private message.

I don't exactly sell anything, I just compare prices and offer this information to people for free. But I do hope to cover the hosting/running costs, hence the ads on the website, sorry about that :)

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