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Child rearing in The Advanced Civilization

This thread was inspired during another discussion around the question:

Is marriage still relevant?

Since protection and care of children has been and continues to be a primary function of marriage it seems that if child rearing were to change dramatically in the future the marriage dilemma (mostly) takes care of itself by default.

If a stucture of marriage and 2 parents are NOT needed in child-rearing in the future what would that civilization look like?

How would this so called Advanced Civilization function?

Our time frame is Protected content from now.

You will have to let go of everything you thing you know about anything. In taking on the role of visionaries we have a tough assignment and it may seem futile from time to time. I used the example of the futility of trying to describe a self-driving car to someone who only knows of horse and carriage. I myself have no experience with a self driving car although I am trying my best to “be there” in that driver’s seat while being sensitive to the gap of an audience that is Protected content in the past (horse and carriage).

That is a huge gap, so much so that rarely are there current points of reference in today’s world that are helpful. In other words we have to suspend all the issues for a time regarding Point A (today) in our futurism and focus on Point B Protected content in the future).

By “suspend the issues of Point A (today)” I mean not worry about HOW we are going to get there (to point B) . Our objective is to crystallize the vision of Point B. You may see me write and repeat often,

“To get there… be there.”

I know that sounds mystical. Yep, that is just part, an important part of “the Protected content gap” which might take Protected content for the phase above to sink in.

Note: AC = “Advanced Civilization” in my posts. Let’s get started.


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