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China: Internship, Housing


I am interested in spending 6 months (~Jan Protected content Protected content China to learn Mandarin. While there, I would like to experience professional/semi-professional working culture through an internship in a Chinese company. Although I am open to teaching English - that would not be most interesting for me.

I have worked in the US, UK, and Australia at a global investment bank for the last four years. Within our team I have played many roles including analysing and making investments, managing operations, and creating fundraising strategies and materials. Outside of work I have taken many leadership roles in alumni and expat organisations, sport, and entrepreneurship.

Does anybody have any advice on:

a) finding legitimate opportunities (and avoiding scams)
b) finding housing or home stays
c) securing a visa (I am American)
d) anything else? I am just starting this process and am not quite sure all the questions to ask yet.

Thank you.

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