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Chinese people wanted: interview on Human Rights

Chinese people wanted for an interview on the declaration of Human Rights! Friends of my niece who are in their last year of a bi-lingual school have an assignment about the difference between individualistic and collectivist human rights. Their central question is: ‘Should the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be amended to accommodate regional and cultural differences?’ To be able to answer this question, they would like to ask four questions to (native) Chinese people:

- Do you want your government to change to a more individualist/collectivist society? Why or why not? (with individualism we mean the belief that the rights of individuals are more important than those of a larger group or nation, with collectivism we mean the belief that the group is considered more important than the will and rights of an individual).

- Do you think your government provides all the rights you are entitled to? If not, which ones doesn’t it provide and why not?
- What is your opinion about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Do you think is should be universally valid or do you think it should be amended to accommodate regional/or cultural differences? Why?

- If there are plans in China to build a water dam which provides running water for 5 million people in the country, but 2 million people become homeless or have to move their home to another place, would you support this plan?

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