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CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply)?

Does anyone have the CIPS certificate or diploma? I'm thinking about studying for it and taking the exam but honestly the website is confusing and everywhere I click I end up in "sign up" for membership.

Is it worth it? Is it difficult to achieve?
Let me elaborate a little bit about my situation.
I'm planning to move to Poland in a couple of years as my fiance (she's Polish) wants to continue her education so I'm really looking for things to boost my profile, raise my chances for a better hiring and salary. My degree is in Env. Sciences but I never worked in that field, my work exp. is procurement but I have no degree in that field, everything I know I just picked up as I go.

I've recently tried to apply for some jobs and I got interviewed and all, i felt good but I wasn't hired for anything. Luckily I'm not seriously making a move now like I said.

So what do you guys know about CIPS and how to boost my chances?

I hope my thread is appropriate here.

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