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Climate change 21st century political hysteria ?

Obama and previous administrations outsourced most industrial production to China and other 3rd world countries. Same for Europe. OUtsourcing in CHina and other 3rd world countries as well make it easier to have low price, externalize production of pollution who won't follow strict rules as in western democratic countries. Obama by stopping energy production (Oil, gas, ... ) was pushing also for US energy dependency on other nations and again outsourced the pollution problem to other nations. So Obama and the previous administrations have been the greatest policy pollution maker in real? What are your thoughts?
So why Activists & media are hitting hard on US now and not during Obama era? Who are the real corrupt in this battle? Is it just a political battle to accuse the other party of the errors they have been doing for years? Where is the conflict of interest?
What are the media and activists hiding really behind all these Buzz or hysteria on Trump?

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