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SmartInvest Corp
Worldwide Commodities Department
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Attn. Commodity Brokers / Reps (if you are not one, SmartInvest Corp will pay you 10% of our earned Commissions to refer us to one)

SmartInvest Corp is founded in USA since Protected content . This year we are reaching out to the Worldwide Market. At this point we are specializing in:
1. Bullion Gold (We are Sellers)
2. Rough and Semi Polished Diamonds (We are Sellers and also Buyers)
3. Petroleum Oil (Seller)
4. Rice and Tomatoes Products (Seller)
5. Cement (Seller)
6. Jet Fuel (Seller)

We are interested in Expanding on many other products including electronics and Food Products. If you are a seller for any of the products above and or buyer please contact us today. We are very interested in expanding our business even more this year. It is then important to let our customers and associates know that we will not engage in any transaction unless we complete and NDCA before any information is released. A copy is attached below. All Samples by Seller must be sent to:

A. If Food Product: Send 25 lbs to 50 lbs of Consumable Food Product to Carol Jisel, International Business/ Marketing Agent, to Calle 48 CSUR NRO 42 CC41 Envigado Senorial, Bloque 2.1, Apartamento 201, Medellin, Colombia, Protected content

B. Non-Food Products: Vicente B. Galindo, Sales/Research & Engineering, Protected content . Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA Protected content , 916.308.3020, Protected content

You can visit our website Protected content if you have more questions about other areas we also service.

Sincerely glad of your Acquaintance.

Vicente B. Galindo Dated: Per your Email Receipt.

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