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Connecticut and Afghanistan

The mainstream media has been generally silent on the double standards evident in the debate about the murder of children by strangers. It has been left mainly to the alternative media to explore the comparison between the reporting of deaths in Western settings and in the Middle East. However, it is good to see that the concept of universal human rights is alive and well in some mainstream organs.

Protected content , for instance, carries a brief commentary by a conservative columnist that asks why we should regard some children as more deserving of sympathy than others. Some of the comments are valuable, too.

In the argument about guns (Gareth's thread in this section) there is virtually no criticism of the danger of assault weapons in the hands of the state. There are reports that the freelance shooters at schools and theatres inside the US are on anti-depressant medications that turn them into psychopaths. Might the same medications be responsible for turning Western soldiers and drone pilots into psychopaths, in order to overcome their natural humanitarian instincts?

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