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Considering a move to Guatemala

Hi everyone! I am a new member living in Tucson. I'm retired with one pug, no kids; I'm currently a substitute teacher. Due to the alarmingly fast rate of increase on my rent here, I am looking at moving to Central America for a year or so, so I can travel for less, live for less, and pay off my remaining debt. I just spent two weeks in Guatemala; one studying Spanish in Quetzeltenango, one sightseeing in Antigua. I fell in love with the country but have lots of questions about moving there:
-Is Antigua a good place for dogs?
-Should I drive there, or sell my car and come down without it?
-If I don't drive, how to get some of my possessions there (not furntiture)?
-How are the doctors and dentists in GC or Antigua?
-Is it safe for a 64 year old divorced Caucasian woman? I speak intermediate Spanish now.
-How is the Internet? What about cable TV? Any streaming services available?
-How is the hot water? Any bathtubs available or just showers?
-How is the Expat community there?
-Earthquake/volcano danger?
Anything you can tell me in advance would be greatly appreciated? I wouldn't be going til 05/23 or 06/23. Thanks!
Jennie Floyd

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