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CONSPIRACY: Global Mass Mord

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9 pages book for online free reading.

CONSPIRACY: Global Mass Mord – A Transhumanic 72K years cold war strategy

Global Mass mord

Transhumanic cold war of Protected content

War strategies:hunting post humans

Post humans living among us

The thread doesnt come from earth or the revolution comes from earth?

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CONSPIRACY: Global Mass Mord

0. Intent of some science, politics and economy power centres /clusters to reduce global population by force since start of eugenics, Protected content years ago
1. Chem trails, minerals and substances mixed with air, water and then human and animals body, rounding around the world since about 45 years
2. Nano tech manipulation of DNA, Virus, Cells, Tissues, GMO, since 18 years
3. Remote manipulation of organic tissue, remote creation of organic electric circuits. since about 27 years
4. Ability to remote create electro or magnetic shocks on individuals hearts or paralize or affect, control, vegetative human system. Since about 30 years
5. Mass mord
6. Holographic appareance created on substances floating on the air? why to create a show? Deception, while the mass mord will have nothing to do with UFOs
7. GMO Food, will affect human natural self-generation, humans will be dependant on nano tech, which can be scanned, remote programmed, controlled. But why to care for control, when to reduce population is more effective and cost effective.
8. Remote psy control, tracking and scanning potential individuals or collective threads.Why to care for while in order to educate humanity to behave mass mord would be an ideal example.
9. To destroy nature, affect planetary weather, in order to reduce population possibilities to be self-sustained and create own self-governments, there for become tottally codependant on a global government. Why to care for workers, while technology can replace them.
0. Religions that educate individuals? why to invest magestic conditionating intergenerational structures, while to keep only small of the population as working task is necessary?


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