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Corruption - How prevalent where you live,


I recently saw that the corruption of a policeman in Nigeria had gone viral and appeared on BBC News..

"A Nigerian policeman has been sacked after being caught on film apparently trying to extort $ Protected content from a motorist accused of a traffic offence.

The footage - secretly filmed on a Lagos highway - received thousands of hits on YouTube and has been replayed on Nigerian television channels.

In the film, Sgt Chris Omeleze suggests he is part of a wider corrupt network.

I was surprised as this a regular occurance here in Ghana , and just one of the things that we have to deal with living in the region.

Here in Accra , almost every traffic light has several policemen stood there , and in some junctions as many as half a dozen. They target those where they can extort the most money, traffic infractions are ignored if the person is deemed to poor to provide them with a bribe.

In the evenings there are road blocks across the city , where they will blatently ask for money for no other reason than you have some and they don't..

How do you deal with this where you live, or are you lucky to not have to been a victim ..

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