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Countries that unwittingly fund terrorism

We in the West have a very kind gentle heart when it comes to worthy charitable causes and unfortunately some unworthy ones too it seems.

Between Protected content 2012, the European Union transferred approximately US$3.1 billion to Palestinian organizations, in addition to US$500 million in annual aid from the United States, plus a pledge of over US$5 billion promised by an international consortium in October Protected content .

Where do you think all these funds went? Well, the European Union was also curious, so it launched an investigation into this matter. Guess what? Yes, you guessed right, alot of these funds went missing. Poof! Gone, like a cheap magician's disappearing white rabbit's trick. In Protected content European Court of Auditors found billions of US dollars in aid money disappeared (like the disappearing magician's rabbit with the cute wiggling pink nose), due to corruption, money laundering and outright theft. I could have told them that for free.

So what does happen to some of the funds that had not been stolen and left for public use (yes, folks, sometimes thieves do have a modicum of conscience remaining, so its not all bad)? Sorry, you would never have imagined this: about 6% of the Palestinian Authority's budget pays (check this out) salaries to prisoners convicted of violent terrorist offences against Jews according to the severity of their crimes. According to the Palestinian Authority's "Law of the Prisoner", the amount of loot paid to terrorists is directly proportional to the severity of their convicted crime. For example, those sentenced to prison for up to three years for terror offences collect about US$400 a month, while those serving Protected content are paid nearly US$2,000 each month. Of course, these prisoners get a little something extra during Muslim holidays when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas plays the proverbial Santa Claus by handing out nice holiday bonuses. Sweet, right? It may be nice to know that somewhere in the world, at least, that wrongdoers are actually rewarded in proportion to their crime! Whatever happened to the Islamic Sharia legalistic doctrine of cutting off a body limb in accordance with the severity of the wrongdoer's crime? It seems at least in the "Palestinian territory", wrongdoers are paid very well with aid money from the West, thank you!

Canada at least had some good sense and saw right through the ploy of playing the world victim (which is quite odd as civilzed socialists countries like Canada are suckers when it comes to throwing money away at the just noble causes of underdog nations). In February Protected content , Canada stopped funding "MIFTAH" founded by Palestinian Legislative Council member Hanan Ashrawi when MIFTAH used some of its very generous Western donations to fund an article claiming that Jews use Christian blood to bake Passover matzah (absolute hogwash, who the heck believes in that?!), and when MIFTAH praised a known suicide bomber Wafa Idris, who killed 81-year-old Pinhas Takatli and wounded Protected content 2002, calling her the "beginning of a string of Palestinian women dedicated to sacrificing their lives for the cause." It is nice to know that the family of these strong brave Palestinian women will be well supported by the very generously funded pension scheme under the Palestinian Authority's "Law of the Prisoner".

Evidently the other donors of MIFTAH such as the governments of Norway and Ireland, the UN's Population Fund, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Oxfam, and the British Council never got the memo about MIFTAH's unshaken faith in the determination of a "string of" suicide bombers intent on blowing up the West straight back to the Middle Ages.

Wonder if the taxpayers whose money went to fund these stupid schemes are able to claim a tax deduction for helping their respective governments uphold the right of radical nutcases to blow themselves up for a noble cause?

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