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Crazy Germans want their Berlin Wall back

Hey, just new to the site, looks great! I live in Berlin now for more than 3 years and until now I havent been really aware of the former division between west and east. At least I dont really feel it here in the daily life.

Until now...I was more than astonished when this morning I read about a survey which revealed that one in five Germans would like to see the Berlin Wall back. It showed 21 per cent in favour of a return to two Germanies, while 74 per cent were against another division. There was no significant difference of opinion between those questioned in the west and eastern parts of Germany.

Okay, you might say that still three quarters are against the wall but I think even every fifth German is way too much.

Considering all the effort and energy that has been put into unification and integration - I dont get it! Moreover, the German economy is recovering nowadays even in the eastern part. So, there seem to be old, historical forces at work, but why? Anyway, if the wall comes back, i am happy to live in Berlin's western part...;-)

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