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Crazy Job Posting :)

Check out that link if you re desperate for an international job apoinmtment and willing not to have an own life.. :)

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The add says:
" I am a corporate merger consultant based in Houston, Texas. I am looking for a personal assistant to help manage my affairs while in Ottawa. I will be working on a merger deal in Ottawa from August until the middle of December, so I will need assistance while in town for this period.

Just so you know and so you do not waste my time and I do not waste yours, this will be a very hectic and very demanding job. I will pay you $2,200 Canadian every week, and I will make sure you earn every cent of it. By the time the contract is over, you will have made more than $52,000, but you will have had to sacrifice 5 months of your life for it. If you accept this job, then do not expect to have a minute of free time for yourself until the contract is finished or until you quit. You will be working hard every day, and you will be on call every night. There will be nights where you will not get to sleep, and I still expect you to be perky and cheerful at the morning meetings.

Your duties will include doing everything I ask of you, and more. This is a job with no limits and no boundaries between professional and personal duties. I expect you to help me with everything I need from booking my flights and arranging my meeting schedules to making sure my suits are dry cleaned and my fridge has enough beer. And if I call you on a Saturday night and say that I am bored, then I expect you to do something about it.

The ideal person for this job is someone who can anticipate my needs and make sure they are taken care of before I even ask. I do not have time to waste. I need someone who is reliable and can get things done. You need to know all the venues in the city as I have not even visited it once yet. You need to look professional and very elegant. You will be attending most meetings that I go to, and I expect you to be able to handle yourself well and even charm the people in the room.

I do not expect many applicants for this job. But for the handful that do apply, make sure you read and understand the hard work you will be putting in, make sure you are the right person for the job, and make sure you tell me why. For interviews, I will either fly you in to Houston to meet with me during the week of July 12, or I will pay a visit to Ottawa and setup interviews there."

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