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Creative writer, poet, author.

Hi I'm a Scots poet, author with over 25 years publishing and writing experience. Poet of the year, guest speaker and exhibitions of my work in Scotland.
I'm now available for any social event or requirement for creating the 'write' words for you, with the rare addition of performance poetry.
As an ex pat Scot living in the Philippines I'm proud of my heritage, especially being able to wear my national dress, when the occasion may offer.
Should anyone have any special occasion I can travel to Manila or other location, create unique words and entertain in a good old Scottish way.

For further details and examples of my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.. Oh I recently married a phenomenal Filipino woman, and yes there was a Filipino highland theme . Pipes, kilts, tartan

I would also consider other geographical locations, travel, and create very unique memories on weddings etc. Enthral both the happy couple and their family and guests. Being a Scottish poet, my home land inspires me, however I've travelled worldwide, met incredible people and I'm respected by many.
My tenacious but gentle, humble spirit but my own unique voice and accent offer words with passion. I can share, weave and lead all and anyone into a world where they will laugh or shed a tear. Simply by speaking from the heart, not rehearsed or written on a page.

One word can touch the soul, I'm here to enhance any ocassion or event, social or business orientated

Come Ye all, hear but now
words sae softly spoken,
As yer heart is touched yet deep
each but a word, a token

From the heart, as Tae you
here's ma hand I sae gi'e Ye,
Call but once, an I'm there
Lord, let them hear me

Grant but this
tis but I ask,
Words Tae share wi others

As a poet, an fae ma soul
Allow me Tae touch yer hairt forever

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