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Credit unions in the US that cater to expats?

My credit union was taken over by another credit union and their ATM cards won't work in my adopted country, Indonesia. Unfortunately, most US credit unions require that you live within a certain area or work for a certain company or industry. I am retired and living in Indonesia so I cannot meet these requirements. I would prefer a credit union to a bank as US banks are now charging fees for everything. Does anyone know of a credit union in the US that doesn't require a local address or employment for membership? And if you know of one, do you think you can set up a new account while you're outside the country.

I'll be visiting friends and family in California again in June so, if necessary, I can wait until then to open a new account. I have opened an account at a local bank in Indonesia so hopefully this ATM problem will soon be less of an issue. But I still need a US account for collecting rent on a house I own there and for paying taxes.

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