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Hello all,

before EURO Protected content of animals were brutally killed and burnt in portative ovens alive...

We call it Bloody Euro... 2 weeks ago we went on demonstration to the main square,

fan zone...and shpowed our protest... Protected content

Protected content

You could see me even here: Protected content

Protected content

and of coiurse

Jacquou Alf posted in We need your support to boycott the Euro Protected content the Ukraine Jacquou Alf 30 травня Protected content . 21:34

Protected content BLOODY EURO - Криваве EURO /English subtitles/ Protected content

Documentary by Volodymyr Ariev, Ivan Kravchyshyn and Kateryna Filipenko

Please send to as many people, friends as you can...THANKS...

You know, I go every day to the Square where EURO fan zone is hold, and take saving box to collect some donations for shelter.

We are in a very critical situation now, as 2 main sponsors refused to pay...We do still have some man from USA with a kind heart who supports us Bill, my friend, he donates each month usd Protected content , but this is nothing much, as the shelter costs us usd Protected content month to maintain.

We ask all indifferent people to donate and help homeless and saved from cruelty animals...

IF YOU CAN , I AM SURE YOU HAVE A KIND HEART and can DONATE AT LEAST SOME FUNDS, this could support us and shelter a bit...

ase animals hope for your kind heart.. IF YOU ARE BOTHERED BY SUCH MAIL, PLEASE FORGIVE ME...


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