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Cuba After Fidel

What do you think will happen in Cuba after Fidel passes away? There are many speculations and ideas about what the U.S. might do and/or, more specifically, what the Cubans in Miami would be willing to do. Also, what would the role of Russia be? What's the thinking outthere from around the world? What would YOU like to see happening?
Create a scenario, speculate or reflect on what you know or have heard.

Scenario 1 :-) :-)
The U.S. will quickly invade Cuba via Guantanamo Bay and Miami. There's an overthrow of the local government. The U.S. Air Force will throw chocolate bars from the air and free rice and dominican rum (the best in the world) will be dispensed at will. Initial problems start with the Spanish as big Spanish companies have already taken over most of the nice beaches in Cuba (to the sadness of big U.S. companies). And jineteras in Habana offer free sex to all U.S. soldiers. This is the last act of departing U.S. President George Bush who decides to retire and move to "liberated" Cuba.

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